Monday, October 11, 2010

Poland in Philly

Had to blog about this show I played Saturday night... It was a last minute show arranged by our guitarist Jesse. Apparently his neighbor is involved with the venue.

This charming restaurant and nightspot is in the middle of a Polish neighborhood in Philadelphia. When we got there I couldn't quite overcome my initial impression of "Polish Mafia" but it couldn't have been nicer. There were a few guys who helped us move our gear in and made sure that we were accommodated in every way. Everybody in the place spoke Polish, except when they were speaking with us. I had a nice selection of Polish beers and home cooked food.

After we got down to business I could sense that we weren't quite what they expected. On our set break they even said as much to us but also indicated that they liked it anyway ("is it ska mixed with jazz?"). We wound up playing well past the legal closing time.

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